i don't know if u are supposed to be here, but anyways, welcome. im a 17y boy, diagnosed asperger autistic, hypersensitive, high potential, intellectual precocious child. the online psychopathy-spectrum tells im sociopath-psychopath, and i'm obviously misanthropic, and maybe narcissistic pervert.

i am doing this site because these times i feel pretty alone, even if i am one of the luckiest so different persons who have real friends. i will talk about me, my thinks, the things hapenning to me here, with my different views than the normal.

it is a place where ill can talk about the deepest things i have in the head, without my near knows it because i don't want to scare the people around me. maybe it could be interesting for psychologists to read it, even if I think there are more importants things than a random boy on internet. it can be interesting for the people that could be like me around the world, and maybe talk about it.

this presentation looks a bit "friendly", but i aware you, some of the thing ill write down could be rude and scary. thanks for your attention reading that.

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